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    The Property Brothers Reveal What’s Wrong With This Kitchen: Can You Spot It?


    “Property Brothers: Forever Home” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott know that a little renovation can make an old house feel so much more livable. But what happens when a family spends a lot of time and money on a renovation—and the house still doesn’t work for it?

    That’s what happens on the latest episode, titled “Rescued Into a Forever Home.” When Ontario, Canada, couple Valerie and David moved into their home seven years ago, they did a big, modern renovation on their kitchen. And while the space looks great, it’s just not at all functional for their growing family.

    Can the Scott brothers help this family of four (plus their pups) make their old home work for them? Find out the surprisingly simple way Drew and Jonathan make the kitchen so much more family-friendly. And, as a bonus, learn Jonathan’s trick for making dogs feel right at home.

    A recently renovated kitchen doesn’t mean it’s functional

    Although Valerie and David had recently renovated their kitchen, just because it looks updated doesn’t mean it works for their family. Can you see why in the photo below?

    The kitchen looked good before, but it didn’t work for a family with kids.


    The answer: There’s no seating at the island, so the kids can’t sit and watch Mom and Dad cook. Furthermore, the space is open to the dining area, but Valerie and David can’t see the kids in the living room while they’re cooking.

    This kitchen, with open sightlines and island seating, is now perfect for this family.


    The Scotts know this has to change, so they redesign the kitchen with a new look and better functionality for the kids. They take down the wall between the kitchen and living room, then add seating to the island. In the end, the space looks amazing and works much better.

    Get rid of the outdated, oversize mantel

    This green fireplace gives the room its “wow” factor.


    Often, an old home comes with an outdated fireplace—and that’s just what David and Valerie have. The couple explain that they’ve been wanting to remove the oversize, outdated mantel but knew it would be a ton of work.

    Luckily, it’s not too much work for Drew and Jonathan.

    The brothers install a simpler fireplace facade in a color that pops: emerald green. They explain that they wanted a tile that could match the era of this old home, and it seems they found the perfect shade. It looks classic, but also beautifully modern.

    And the best news: Valerie and David love it.

    “It’s absolutely gorgeous,” David says.

    Find a spot for the dogs that doesn’t take over the living space

    dog's space
    This cubby is just the perfect size for two small dogs to nestle in.


    With one dog already and another one being adopted, the family need a comfortable spot for their pets to hang out. So while Jonathan is designing a storage space for the family’s coats, he decides to add a small cubby for the pups to nestle in.

    It’s a great solution because not only does it give the dogs their own cozy space to hang out, but it also gives them a spot that’s out of the way. Dog beds laid out in the living room can make a space seem cluttered, but with the pups’ home built into the wall, it’s a great space-saver.

    From dingy basement to perfect play area

    play room
    The kids can keep all of their toys in this playroom!


    When Drew and Jonathan start the renovation, they give David and Valerie a choice: They could have either a closed-in porch or a finished basement. They choose the basement right away. No contest!

    As it turns out, their two kids love playing down there, but Valerie and David are always worried about their being in the space. With a little updating, the brothers are able to transform this basement from ugly laundry room to adorable playroom.

    When the basement renovation is finished, Valerie and David love how it looks—and the fact that the kids’ toys can stay downstairs, without cluttering the living space upstairs. Of course, the kids are also thrilled that they have their own space to play.

    Lighter floors are an instant improvement

    Installing light flooring is an easy way to make a space seem larger.


    Before Drew and Jonathan even start renovations, they can see that David and Valerie’s house has one big issue: dark floors.

    Dark wood isn’t good for a house with dogs, the brothers explain, because the flooring will show scratches easily. Plus, it’s not great for a smaller living area, because dark floors make the space look small and closed off.

    So, the Scott brothers decide to give these two wide-plank, laminate flooring in a light color. In the end, the floors look beautiful, and it makes the space look much larger.

    “It went from this dark brown to this beautiful, lighter, more open, fresh color,” David says when he sees the improvement.

    How does this ‘Property Brothers’ renovation end up?

    Valerie and David explain that they need to stay within their $150,000 budget, and the Scotts do that easily. They manage to redo the living room, kitchen, dining room, and basement for just $140,000.

    With the functional kitchen, updated fireplace, great spot for the dogs, and an amazing playroom for the kids, it’s clear that Drew and Jonathan really nailed this renovation for every member of the family.

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