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    The Property Brothers Reveal When Modern Farmhouse Goes Too Far—Yikes!


    Drew and Jonathan Scott know that modern farmhouse is a popular style, but in the latest “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they witness firsthand one way it can go overboard.

    In the Season 4 episode “Forever Home for the Holidays,” the brothers help high school sweethearts Misti and Steve make their new home in Las Vegas functional for their family with four kids. The property has lush greenery and a stable filled with horses, but the house itself is dated and needs work.

    With a $135,000 budget, the Scott brothers work hard to give this family the modern farmhouse style they love. They have a lot to do, and with Christmas coming up, they have to finish this project on time.

    Here’s how the brothers pull off their renovation in time for the holidays, which might inspire some changes around your own abode, too.

    Use gold to glam up your farmhouse kitchen

    This dated kitchen has chicken wire on the cabinet doors.


    When Drew and Jonathan first see Misti and Steve’s kitchen, they’re underwhelmed.

    The space is certainly dated, featuring lots of wood and a closed-off layout, but the worst part of this space is the chicken wire on the cabinets. The brothers know this family loves their mini Las Vegas farm, but this chicken wire is just too much farm for any house.

    Drew and Jonathan Scott gave this kitchen a full-blown makeover.


    So they revamp the entire kitchen, changing the layout so that the area is open and looks out on the living room. They give this farmhouse kitchen some modern flair by replacing the dark cabinets with white ones and adding a stunning white island. Then, to make this space look extra sleek, they top it off with two gold pendant lights and a gold hood vent.

    With a balance of fresh white features and an elegant touch of gold, this space looks great. It still has the farmhouse aesthetic, but it now has an elevated feel. Plus, there’s no chicken wire in sight.

    “This is the perfect blend of country contemporary,” Jonathan says of the finished kitchen.

    Suspended wood can be a creative alternative to faux beams

    This is a modern take on faux beams.


    Steve tells the Scott brothers that he loves rustic, masculine style, especially anything that includes rope or wood. He’s also interested in the dramatic look of ceiling beams, so the brothers look into installing this feature.

    “Faux beams will really make Steve and Misti’s kitchen stand out,” Drew says. “Using bold design features like this can really help define spaces in an open plan.”

    So Jonathan comes up with a way to include both of Steve’s favorite materials in a creative way. He installs an alternative to faux ceiling beams where wood beams are suspended from the ceiling with rope. This method allows the brothers to build these beams over the kitchen without committing to installing beams all the way across the large living room.

    This creative feature is a smart budget saver and has a unique look. Who knows, maybe it will turn into the next modern farmhouse must-have!

    Give your living room a wide, open look

    living room
    This sunken living room broke up the space.


    While Misti and Steve’s house is big enough to comfortably fit this family of six, there’s a lot going on with the living room layout, which makes the space seem smaller.

    Not only are the rooms closed off, making the space feel cramped, but the house also has a sunken living room, which makes the living area feel divided.

    living room
    Now, this living room feels much larger.


    So the brothers raise the floor in the sunken living room and open up the walls, turning the space into one open, cohesive area.

    “Just the fact that you can cross the whole main floor without having to go down into a pit and back up, what a difference,” Jonathan says.

    Use bright wallpaper for a youthful look

    This basement room didn’t have much personality.


    Misti and Steve know that their daughter, Maddie, will need her own space now that she’s getting older. With three rowdy brothers, Maddie deserves a quiet, girls-only oasis that’s all her own.

    So Jonathan teams up with Maddie to design a fun bedroom she’ll love. Maddie selects some colors and patterns for decor, and then Jonathan adds colorful wallpaper to create a stunning accent wall.

    This wallpaper makes this space look youthful.


    The wallpaper is perfect, bringing a bold look to complement the soft design of the room.

    When the room is finished, Jonathan is proud of the look.

    “Maddie’s room turned out so beautifully,” Jonathan says, “and I love the fact that she helped me design it.”

    A metal fireplace can lend an industrial vibe

    This steel fireplace adds an industrial accent to the modern farmhouse look.


    Misti wants their home to have a bright farmhouse look, but Steve wants to include an industrial vibe. So, while Drew and Jonathan give the kitchen the full farmhouse treatment, they incorporate Steve’s style in the living room by adding a steel-clad fireplace.

    Not only does this new steel feature give the home a more industrial look, it also gives the living space a homey feel. With stockings hung on the mantel, the house feels more like a family home.

    “Steve’s getting an industrial mixed-metal accent, Misti is getting a place to hang the stockings, and everyone’s getting an incredible family room,” Jonathan says. “It’s going to make movie nights and Christmas morning extra special.”

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