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The Property Brothers Spot a ‘Comical’ Feature No Home Should Ever Have


Drew and Jonathan Scott have mastered every design style under the sun, but in the latest “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they enter Chip and Jo territory by adding a lot of modern farmhouse touches to a home.

In the Season 6 episode “Perfect Score Reno,” the brothers help Amanda and Jeff update their Calgary, Alberta, home. The couple want to give their living space a fresh, simple style, all on a $170,000 budget.

Read on to see how the Scott brothers make over this space—particularly doing away with two all-too-common problems in the entryway that might be dating your own home, too.

Stair railings and light fixtures can date an entryway

Before: This entry looked dated and heavy.


The worst eyesores in this home greet the Scotts immediately in the entryway: A formal light fixture and a dark, wobbly stair railing date this house as soon as they walk in the front door.

“The railings and wood details in this house were rickety and dated,” Jonathan says. “So we’re replacing them with elegant ones and with lighter wood tones.”

After: With an updated railing and light fixture, this entryway is transformed.


Jonathan removes the old railing, and the team replaces it with a lighter wood handrail and modern metal balusters. To finish the space, the brothers add a new light fixture with warm beige tones and a simple texture. The entryway now looks much cleaner and simpler, with a hint of farmhouse style.

A zero-clearance fireplace is a safe bet

living room
The brothers added this fireplace to warm up the living room.


In the living room, the Scott brothers decide to add a fireplace with a shiplap surround, which will give Jeff and Amanda that clean farmhouse feel they love. However, Jonathan knows wood can be a dangerous addition to the outside of a fireplace, so he needs to take special precautions.

“We can do a zero-clearance fireplace, which means we can take the combustible material all the way down and there’s no heat issue,” Jonathan says.

This simple fireplace facade is elegant.


The zero-clearance fireplace also means the family can forgo a mantel, which is perfect for their clean aesthetic.

“With this fireplace, there’s no heat coming straight up from the fireplace,” Jonathan says. “So if they do want a TV here, it’s not going to cause any damage.”

When the fireplace is finished, it looks lovely. The mantel-less style is clean and fresh, providing great inspiration for other homeowners looking for a simple look.

Turn small windows into big doorways

dining room
Before: This window didn’t let in much light.


When Drew and Jonathan first see the dining room, Amanda complains about one feature in particular.

“The world’s smallest window over here,” she says, “it’s just comical. I can’t see anything out to that big, beautiful side yard.”

Jonathan fully agrees, calling it “the world’s skinniest window.”

After: The doors provide more light and easy access to the yard.


The brothers choose to knock out this window and put in French doors, proving that sometimes more is more. The doors let in a ton of natural light and add function to the space, giving easy access to the outdoors.

Pass food and drinks through a kitchen window

Before: This kitchen needed an update.


Jeff and Amanda desperately want a clean, airy kitchen, so Drew and Jonathan deliver with a massive island, two-tone cabinets, new counters, new appliances, and beautiful pendant lights. Still, one of the best upgrades is actually just outside the kitchen window.

The brothers install a countertop on the exterior side of the window so this sporty family can pass food and drinks from the kitchen to the backyard. This simple but thoughtful addition is an inexpensive upgrade, and it does a lot to connect the new kitchen to the backyard.

After: Cooler colors make this kitchen look contemporary.


When installing the feature, Jonathan and Drew mention how convenient this bar will be for the family.

“This is going to make a huge difference for them,” Jonathan says. “How cool is this? Having somewhere they can actually serve through the window to the kids?”

This window is a convenient way to pass food and drinks to the backyard.


Add color to a kids nook

family room
Before: This family room needed color.


The Scott brothers love the family room right off the kitchen, but it’s clear that Jeff and Amanda’s kids will need a space that will grow with them. So the brothers redesign the space with bright colors and smart storage, while also keeping in mind the clean and simple aesthetic their clients love.

They paint the dark fireplace white and add a pop of color with built-in storage. To finish the project, the Scott brothers add simple but playful colors to the back wall.

family room
After: The family room now has much more personality.


“Jeff and Amanda were saying that they wanted this to be a space for the kids, but it just didn’t have a vibe that was appropriate,” Jonathan says. “Now, it feels like the perfect niche. I don’t think we can add anymore fun kid personality into this space. It’s so vibrant, I love the color.”

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