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    The Property Brothers Team Up With Melissa McCarthy on ‘Celebrity IOU’

    Celeb IOU Melissa McCarthy recap


    “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott may be known as jokesters, but on the latest episode of “Celebrity IOU,” the humor reaches a whole new level when they’re joined by Melissa McCarthy.

    In the “Hero Home Makeover” episode, McCarthy wants to treat her aunt and uncle, both retired police officers, to a much-deserved home renovation.

    The only problem is a short timeline: Jim and Connie are gone for only three weeks on vacation. Can the brothers, along with McCarthy and her cousin Jenna, finish this major renovation in time to surprise this sweet couple? Read on to find out how they pull it off, and what we can all learn in the process that might apply to our own homes.

    Green is great for kitchen cabinets, not carpet

    These green cabinets look great in this stylish kitchen.


    When McCarthy and Jenna first show the brothers Connie and Jim’s home, they’re sure to point out the outdated green carpet. It’s a fun nod to the family’s Irish heritage, but it’s old and makes the living room dark. The brothers know it needs to be replaced.

    However, Drew and Jonathan get the idea to incorporate that color in another part of the house. They choose dark green cabinets to keep that Celtic flair while upgrading the kitchen.

    The green cabinets make the kitchen feel warm and modern. It seems that with this green, the brothers have the luck of the Irish on their side!

    Wood floors can be done in different patterns

    With the green carpet gone, the brothers want to put down some stylish hardwood floors. But since Jim was injured on the job years before, getting around the house can be a challenge. So, Jonathan and McCarthy team up to find a wood that will have a lot of grip. Jonathan suggests a light wood sample with a deep grain, and McCarthy loves it.

    Melissa McCarthy
    Here, Melissa McCarthy helps Jonathan Scott choose the flooring.


    Then, to add some extra style to the house, the brothers decide to lay the wood in a herringbone pattern in the main living room while putting it down in a straight run in Jim’s man cave downstairs. It gives the two rooms continuity while still adding a bit of dimension.

    Every kitchen needs seating

    Melissa McCarthy
    McCarthy helps do some serious demo.


    Every modern kitchen needs seating so guests can keep the cook company! McCarthy points out that whenever her Aunt Connie is making dinner, Uncle Jim can be found chatting with her, sitting in the kitchen. The brothers think this practice is adorable, but they know that the kitchen is small, so it probably gets crowded with just the two of them in there.

    The brothers decide to knock down the kitchen wall, opening up the living space and allowing room for a large kitchen island. They make sure to give the island plenty of seating for Jim and, as a bonus, put lots of storage underneath.

    Dress up a dining area with a great chandelier

    Melissa McCarthy dining room
    This dining room needed an update.


    While Drew and Jonathan give the kitchen a full makeover, at first glance, it may seem like the brothers don’t do much to the dining area. They keep the same footprint, leaving the table up against the window, but they do some important upgrades to make this space feel much more modern.

    dining room
    Now, this dining space looks fresh and welcoming.


    For starters, in addition to regular chairs, the brothers add a bench seat against the wall. Then they replace Jim and Connie’s outdated chandelier with a similar but more modern lighting piece. The entire space looks more open and airy.

    Go for a clean look when it comes to the fireplace

    This brick made the space look small and dark.


    While Jonathan and Drew do a ton to fix up Jim and Connie’s main living area, McCarthy and Jenna also want to update Jim’s sports-watching hideaway downstairs.

    One of the biggest changes comes to the brick fireplace, which serves as an outdated centerpiece to this room. McCarthy helps remove bricks to make space for a new stone hearth, while Drew and Jonathan put some plaster over the brick up top to give the fireplace a smooth, clean look.

    This fireplace looks so much more modern!


    In the end, the simple but modern fireplace brings a fresh look to this man cave, which Jim loves.

    Is this ‘Celebrity IOU’ a success?

    When McCarthy, Jenna, and the Scott brothers finally welcome Jim and Connie back home, they’re in awe. Connie and Jim love the new space, and they’re shocked, excited, and delighted.

    “I think I did the ugly cry,” Connie says.

    With a new, open kitchen, a comfortable living area, and a relaxing spot for Jim to enjoy games, this IOU was a great success!

    Melissa McCarthy
    McCarthy and her cousin Jenna pulled off a great renovation with the Scott brothers.


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