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    • These 8 Gifts for the Small-Space Dwellers in Your Life Will Make You a Hero This Holiday Season

    These 8 Gifts for the Small-Space Dwellers in Your Life Will Make You a Hero This Holiday Season

    Etsy/Macy's/Pottery Barn/Urban Outfitters

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year—but quite possibly also the most stressful, especially if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

    And if you’re shopping for friends and family who seem to already have everything—or worse, have no space to put anything—it can be that much harder. Buying for people who live in small spaces exponentially increases the difficulty of gift-giving.

    So, we put together this list of things even a tiny home owner would appreciate—and also, shoehorn into their space. Enjoy!

    1. Best miniature garden ever

    Small living gifts
    Mini garden


    One of the things small-living folks miss the most is having a patch of green to call their own. Unfortunately, a lot of small spaces just aren’t conducive to growing plants, which is why this gift idea makes such a perfect present.

    “Not only are air plants excellent for small-living, but they are themselves both small and living,” says Amity Messett of Rainbow Cupboard.

    “Air plants are generally small, hardy plants and require no soil to grow, since they receive their nutrients from air and small amounts of water,” she says. “No soil or pots means no mess, and the decorative options are endless!”

    Add some welcome greenery to your friend’s place by shopping Rainbow Cupboard’s extensive collection of air plants and holders, starting at just $5 on Etsy.

    2. Charcuterie board

    Small living gifts
    Acacia cutting board


    A charcuterie board is a great present for the tiny-living chef in your life, and not only because it’s so easy to store.

    “I’m a big fan of the charcuterie board,” says Ana Cummings of ANA Interiors. “You can get them in live-edge styles and in all shapes, sizes, and even with custom engravings, if you want to truly make it special!”

    While they can be used to display snacks, of course, small charcuterie boards also work well as decor—for displaying candles or flowers in a dining space or kitchen.

    No matter what they decide to put on it, your friends will love receiving a bit of kitchen swagger that comes in a small package, like this gorgeous, minimal acacia cutting board ($46) from Macy’s.

    3. Foldable stationary bike

    Small living gifts
    XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike


    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to find other ways to get our exercise fix. But we don’t all have room for a Peloton.

    Be a hero to your gym rat buddies with a stationary bike that will work well even in a limited space.

    “The portability of exercise equipment in a small space is so important,” says Cummings. “Most of us don’t have dedicated workout spaces in our homes, and having a bike you can pull out, use, and then discreetly stow, is not only great for our physical health, but our mental health too.”

    Check out this XTERRA Fitness FB150 folding exercise bike ($130) for the perfect fix when space is at a premium.

    4. Tabletop fireplace

    Small living gifts
    Utopia portable fireplace


    We could all use a little more light in our lives this year, and nothing brings that seasonal glow to a space quite like a fireplace. Unfortunately, as most people in tiny homes or apartments know—fireplaces often aren’t part of the deal.

    That’s when a compact tabletop fireplace fits the bill.

    “What I love about these is their portability,” says Cummings. “You can just as easily enjoy this fire outside on your patio as you can inside, while having a cocktail and listening to music.”

    It elevates the mood in a room, she points out, and as a bonus, everybody always looks great in firelight.

    We’re sure your tiny-living friend will love getting in on that fireside glow this season with this Utopia portable fireplace ($57) from Wayfair.

    5. Compact air fryer

    Small living gifts
    Cuisinart compact air fryer


    For that small-living friend who can’t stop talking about how they want to cook healthier, you’re sure to win the holiday season by getting them one of these bad boys.

    “The popularity of air fryers has dramatically increased this year, and for good reasons,” says Jaquetta Ragland of YoungandFinance. “It fits in small spaces, thoroughly cooks just about anything, and it’s a healthier alternative to frying in oil. It’s also a great present for anyone who doesn’t have much room in their home but still likes to eat a variety of food.”

    One good option is this Cuisinart compact air fryer oven ($100) from Amazon.

    6. Swanky wall-mount organizers

    Small living gifts
    Pine and iron wall-mounted jewelry hanger

    Pottery Barn

    One thing your small-living friend can always use more of is storage—especially when it’s stylish and doubles as decor. They’ll appreciate a wall-mount organizer, the perfect solution for jewelry, ties, belts, bags, or even hats.

    “We create custom jewelry storage all the time for our clients,” says Cummings. “I love the idea of having a place for everything, no matter the size—this also applies to other accessories such as hats, bags and scarves. If you can’t carve out a space in your closet for these items, there are lots of great alternatives for hanging them up on the wall.”

    This pine and iron wall-mounted jewelry hanger ($90) is a good option for your jewelry-loving friends, while this Kamal folding multi-hook ($79) is great for the minimalist who loves bags and hats.

    7. Rosy copper mugs

    Small living gifts
    Thirstystone solid copper Moscow Mule mugs


    One of the best ways to approach gifts for tiny-living friends is by giving them things that look great, aren’t easily broken, and store easily—like these copper mugs.

    “Give them the right glasses to make their favorite beverage or cocktail,” suggests Cummings. “Moscow Mule comes to mind.”

    Not just for slinging back mules, these mugs are also great for sipping hot cocoa, hot toddies, and pretty much anything else that looks good in a copper mug.

    Here’s another reason these work well for tiny-living folks: They look just as good hung under cabinets as they do in your hand.

    Check out these Thirstystone solid copper Moscow Mule mugs ($24) from Macy’s, or if you want to get really mini, these copper mug shot cups ($19) from Kohl’s make great stocking stuffers.

    8. Macramé catch-all baskets

    Small living gifts
    Macramé catch-alls

    Urban Outfitters

    For neat-freak friends who have everything, give them the one thing they truly need— more storage!

    “These are really beautiful, not to mention functional,” says Cummings. “I’m a sucker for a gorgeous catch-all, tray or bin. For the Kondo-lovers and neat freaks on your list, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful woven basket like these.”

    These macramé catch-alls ($49) from Urban Outfitters might be just the thing for your fastidious friends who want just a little bit of extra space.

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