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    These Looks Are Hot! 5 Decor Ideas From Instagram to Warm Up Your Living Room


    Maybe it’s the weather—and the fact that we all have a near-survivalist mindset about staying warm right now—but this week’s most popular looks on Instagram certainly seem to be bringing the heat.

    That’s right—as we do every week, we scrolled through hundreds of posts on the social media giant to uncover the top trending decor of the moment, this time with an eye on the living room. What we found were five looks that are sure to inspire you. Plus, we’ve done the heavy lifting of identifying the products you can buy right now to help you get through the last days of winter. So snuggle up and dive in to this week’s hottest living room looks.

    1. Wicker sun mirror

    Here comes the sun, no sunscreen needed. We can’t get enough of the bright rays this wicker sun mirror brings to @cozy.happy.home’s space.

    “This sun mirror is a perfect way to liven up boring space,” says designer Lauren Holmes of Zen Staging With Lauren. “Grandma’s wicker stylings are back in a big way. This mirror makes the room better, and wicker is on-trend for 2020—a call back to the 1970s of boho chic stylings.”

    Get the look: Add some wicker sunbeams to your living room with this Magical Thinking woven wall mirror.


    2. Rattan floor lantern

    Another trend this week that’s sure to cast a warm glow on your living room? This rattan floor lantern featured by @fridlaa (reposted by @my_homely_decor).

    “What I love about this light is that when lit, it’s not overpowering the space with too much light and ruining the Zen vibe,” says designer Sherri Monte of Elegant Simplicity. “It actually does a great job diffusing the light in an interesting way and creates a bit of intrigue on the living room floor.”

    Get the look: Give your living room an intriguing glow with this handwoven water hyacinth rattan lantern.


    3. Scandinavian-inspired fireplace

    If you don’t already have a hearth in your home, this Scandinavian-inspired fireplace posted by @kajastef is going to make you want one.

    “This Scandi fireplace is hot,” says Holmes. “Less is more with this minimalist brand. It’s modern, smooth, and superchic. I would add a cool white paint with a yellow undertone for an extra touch of warmth.”

    Get the look: Add your very own Scandinavian-style hearth with this EcoSmart Flex Right corner bioethanol firebox.


    4. Distressed wall

    Transform your cold living room by adding (or exposing) a distressed wall—just like this one we see from

    “Distressed walls are fascinating for two reasons: They invoke wonder and imply history,” says designer Colin Haentjens of the Knobs Co. “Especially in rooms that are mostly finished and have only one distressed wall, the incompleteness invites visitors to visualize what could be there. The sense of surrounding ‘completeness’ also reminds inhabitants that the room has its own story.”

    Get the look: Give your space an inspired mystique with this distressed wood peel-and-stick wallpaper.


    5. Vintage crates

    Ditch your sterile coffee table for something more tactile and simple, like these vintage wooden crates featured by @perfect.homess.

    “Vintage crates are perfect for the home transitioning from farmhouse to boho chic,” says Holmes. “What’s old, imperfect, and a little worldly is on-trend at the moment. You can easily pick some up at local flea markets, and if you have several, make storage cubbies.”

    Get the look: Get your very own boho-chic storage scheme by shopping local antiques stores or this homemade rustic crate collection.

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