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    This Baltimore Horror House Is Perfect for Halloween Fans

    You’ve heard of Gothic architecture, but this home that hit the Baltimore market has more of a goth-meets-graveyard vibe. If you’re a fan of Halloween, this may just be your dream house!

    From the coffin in the living room to the cemetery-themed backyard, this place, located in the Brooklyn Park section of Baltimore, will appeal to buyers who’ve longed to live inside their own well-kept house of horrors.

    On the outside, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom home looks like your average single-family abode, but the inside is far from ordinary! Take a peek inside this death-inspired dwelling if you dare.

    Not your average backyard!

    This will definitely make the neighbors think twice before letting their dogs poop on your property! How did the homeowner choose this decidedly dark theme? Billy Nicholson, who inherited the home from his mother, told The Baltimore Sun that the decor represents his “twisted imagination coming to life.”

    Would you prefer to sit, or stand (in this coffin)?

    If you want to hide from your guests but not miss a moment of conversation, you could hang out in this corner coffin. The seller’s agent Matt Godbey assured Slate that the homeowner is not a vampire, which is good because it would make daytime showings a challenge.

    Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls…

    If these gothic crosses seem like a lot for would-be buyers to take in, know that Godbey also told Slate that he encouraged the homeowner to remove the 25 mannequins he’d previously kept in the basement. (Good thinking!)

    Unique wall art

    From exterior to interior, this home is next-level greige. While you’d think these neutrals might be a bit boring, the artwork more than makes up for the color palette. The guillotine photograph should discourage buyers from rooting through the homeowner’s pantry and medicine cabinet while touring the place.

    Haunted shed?

    We’re all familiar with she-sheds, but this garage looks like it could be haunted based on that spooky skull on the side. Maybe there’s a hearse inside! Perfect for a Halloween joy ride!

    Undertaker or bartender?

    This isn’t your average backyard bar! The homeowner designed it and built this 14-foot wet bar that has built-in coolers. (Let’s hope they’re only holding beverages!) Check out that rear end of a hearse on the wall. So much more interesting than a neon beer sign—just sayin’.

    If it weren’t for the headstones, this firepit area would be downright cozy! Still, touring this home may be a chilling experience for the unsuspecting buyer, so the warmth and glow of a fire may be just what the seller needs to get the deal done!

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