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    This Is (Currently) the Best-Selling Area Rug on Amazon—but Why?


    Buying an area rug can be tricky regardless of the size of your budget. Whether you’re prepared to spend $200 or $2,000, you want to invest in something that’s durable and complementary to the aesthetic in the room.

    If price is a driving factor, though, many of us turn to Amazon to find a deal and a vast selection. Its area rug section alone has tens of thousands of products to choose from—and that’s after filtering out any options above $300. That can make it nearly impossible to decide on just one rug.

    One way to narrow your search is to look at the site’s best-selling area rugs. These products can be found on Amazon’s Best Sellers page, updated every hour to display the most popular items based on sales (as opposed to sorting by customer review, because we know how trustworthy those can be).

    At the time of our search, the best-selling area rug on Amazon just happened to be the nuLoom Moroccan Blythe—a chic and incredibly affordable choice at less than $300 for the 8-by-10-foot size.

    This winning rug comes in eight colors, though we’re partial to the Light Multi color version.

    The rug’s description clearly states that it’s made of easy-to-care-for low pile and comes in a variety of shades (so it’ll match nearly every decor scheme out there). But we wanted to get to the bottom of why this specific rug is a crowd favorite.

    What makes this item so darn appealing? Our design experts came through with the likely explanations and why this might be worth purchasing for your own home.

    1. The price is right

    Rug prices can skyrocket fast, so finding one’s that affordable and good-looking is a big coup. The 8-by-10-foot size is just $279 and is ideal for a bedroom, library, or small dining nook.

    “Also, you can’t beat free two-day shipping with Prime when you’re on a tight deadline and need it fast,” says Drew Henry, founder of Design Dudes.

    Because you won’t break the bank on this item, homeowners are likely to pick it up guilt-free.

    “Many people today are decorating with items that they appreciate now, but won’t feel horrible about changing out in a couple of years when they are ready for something new,” says Karen Gray-Plaisted of DesignSolutions KGP. The price of this rug definitely puts it in this category.

    2. There are eight colors to choose from

    The universal appeal of this rug is due in large part to the fact that it comes in a generous eight color ways. That makes matching your decor a cinch.

    Pick the pink and multicolor hues for kids’ rooms and the blue shades for high-traffic areas like your entryway or den.

    “I would think the most popular ones would be the gray and white combos—every rug manufacturer is doing some variation in a similar pattern,” says Gray-Plaisted.

    3. The pattern is fun—and fashionable

    The Moroccan pattern is also a selling point here as this white-hot decor style is still going strong. The on-trend print reads younger, according to Henry, making it right at home in millennial apartments.

    Henry is especially drawn to the Light Multi color option.

    “Its pattern is light, but the best part is the subtle color gradient because it incorporates a wide spectrum of shades without being overpowering,” he says.

    4. It fits multiple styles

    Jamie Novak, a professional organizer and author of “Keep This Toss That,” calls this piece “the chameleon of rugs” because it complements every style. It works as an accessory for many different design styles: midcentury, bohemian, transitional, or even modern farmhouse.

    “It has modern flair with the pattern, eclectic charm with the multiple colors, but it’s still neutral enough for most spaces,” says Henry.

    5. Styling the rug is easy

    best selling area rug
    Try styling this rug with a leather Moroccan pouf.


    Novak sees this area rug in front of a bed (try one of the lighter colors), as a hallway runner (opt for darker colors here to hide dirt from foot traffic), or in a dining room.

    “The most unexpected spot to use this piece might be in a laundry room—homeowners often overlook the benefits of an easy-to-care-for rug in this space,” Novak says.

    Gray-Plaisted recommends choosing a rug color that matches small accessories in the room like pillows, artwork, or ceramic lamps. Or lean into the Moroccan theme and add a stitched leather pouf.

    6. It’s a workhorse

    This star rug is comfy underfoot and can take a spill or two, making it a durable find for on-the-go homeowners. And if you dribble something on this low-pile, head for basic soap and water. Simple spot cleaning is recommended for the stain-resistant fibers.

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