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    This Sears, Roebuck Catalog Home Is Over 100 Years Old, but Looks as Good as New

    Everything is available at the click of a mouse in 2020, but a century ago, the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog was the way to order anything, even homes.

    Many Sears catalog homes still stand tall, and we’ve spotted a true classic. This two-story home, model No. 118 in the catalog, in Thorn Hill, TN, is available for $285,000.

    “This house was a Sears, Roebuck house that they ordered out of a catalog, and it stayed in the same family,” says listing agent Lisa McBride.

    The Berta Collins family built the two-story home in 1917, with all of the construction materials delivered ready to assemble.

    “It’s my understanding it’s just like putting a jigsaw puzzle together,” McBride explains. “They had it all sawed out and everything, and you just kind of put the [homes] together.”

    From 1908 to 1940, Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s Sears Modern Home division sold more than 70,000 kit homes in 370 designs. Model No. 118 was also known as The Clyde.

    In 2015, McBride sold the home to the current owners, the first owners outside of the original family.

    “It’s been a labor of love for them,” she adds. “They’ve probably spent $100,000 on this house. He rebuilt floors. He took out a wall somebody put in that wasn’t original, and put everything back like it should have been.”

    Because the original home did not have central heat or air, the renovated home does not have it either.

    “It’s got wood heat and window air conditioners,” McBride says. “[The owner] said if someone else wanted to put central heat and air, they could, but he wasn’t going to.”

    Home heating system

    Caney Creek Studios

    The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home sits on 19 acres of along War Creek. The home is about an hour outside of Knoxville and 20 minutes from Morristown.

    “It’s just a really nice place for the right person,” says McBride. “Someone who appreciates history and wants to live out in the country away from everybody and get away from the city life. The area is very rural, and you can’t see any neighbors from this house.”

    The home sits along War Creek.

    Caney Creek Studios

    There is a large barn on the property.

    “We think it used to be a mule barn because it’s got all of these neat places that fold in and out to put the hay in, so we think it was used for mules, but we’re not sure,” McBride says.


    Caney Creek Studios

    The rooms have an abundance of historic touches and character. A large living room, parlor, dining room, and kitchen make up the main floor. An additional upstairs bedroom is the current laundry room, and there is plenty of attic storage. There’s also an artesian well for water and a new septic system.

    The list price makes it one of the more expensive home listings in the area.

    “It’s got 19 acres with it, plus the house and the barn,” McBride says. “If you were to build that type house, you couldn’t build a house and a barn [for this price], especially with the nice creek frontage and all that.”

    Dining room

    Caney Creek Studios


    Caney Creek Studios


    Caney Creek Studios

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