Tips for Selling Your Condo in Summit County, CO

    You may think that your beautiful condo space and perfect location nearby the awe-inducing mountains and all the amenities that come with it should make it a no-brainer for anyone looking to purchase a condo, but a condo isn’t going to sell itself no matter how amazing it is! You still have to put the work into selling your condo in order to get the price you want for it. There are always other condos out there, after all, which means that you have competition. The following are a few tips to help you sell your Summit County area condo:

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    • Get an appraisal – Get an appraisal of your condo, so that you have an official value. You can pay for several different appraisals. Take the highest appraisal that you get and then use that in all of your marketing materials. A great way to attract buyers is to use the highest appraisal, but then to price your condo slightly below it.
    • Research your neighborhood – Find out what condos in your area are selling for. Depending on how long you’ve lived in the area, the value of your condo may have changed over time. The last thing you want to do is under-value your condo if property values have gone up over the last few years. Nor do you want to overprice your condo, since this will scare away buyers who actually did their research.
    • List the features – Don’t forget to list any of the features that your condo boasts to your real estate agent. This includes building features as well, such as a community pool or gym.
    • List area amenities – Buyers who aren’t from the area are going to be more convinced to purchase your condo if you show that there are a lot of area amenities nearby. This includes restaurants, shops, galleries in addition to area attractions, such as the ski and snowboarding slopes. Highlight these amenities in your listings to make the location of your condo even more alluring.
    • Clean up your condo– Make sure that your condo is clean and presentable before showings. Buyers will be turned off by dirty and cluttered spaces. You should clean up the condo anyway for when the photographs are taken for your listing. Also remember to remove any personal decor – buyers don’t want to feel like they are in someone else’s home when they are looking.
    • Advertise to people in your neighborhood or building – Give out postcards advertising your condo’s sale to your neighbors. They may know of friends or family members looking to purchase a condo – and they may be more likely to if they are since friends and family are living there as well.
    • Stage your condo – Your condo should look its best when buyers come to take a look. Stage it like you would an actual house, so that buyers can imagine themselves living there instead of having to walk around an empty space wondering if their furniture will fit. Not to mention that a staged condo is much more inviting.
    • Use a realtor – Don’t try to sell your condo on your own. A realtor knows the market value and has the resources to advertise the sale of your condo more effectively.

    Selling your condo takes a lot of work – they don’t just sell themselves, even if they are in beautiful locations such as Summit County. These are some of the tips that will help you sell your condo quickly and at the market price.  If you’d like to learn more about selling your condo in Summit County, download our free eBook:

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