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    Top 10 Highlights From ‘Home Town’ With Erin and Ben Napier


    What a year it’s been for Erin and Ben Napier. Their hit show “Home Town” has just aired its Season 4 finale—but this husband-and-wife design team won’t be gone for long. HGTV has already announced “Home Town” will be back for Season 5 in 2021.

    And we can see the appeal: Not only do they have great style, but they’re also reinventing their beloved yet slightly run-down hometown of Laurel, MS, house by house. This, in turn, raises property values and boosts the local economy all around, which is heartwarming to see.

    In case you missed this season’s highlights—or are eager to relive them—here’s a look back at the most memorable moments.

    1. Ben and Erin take porch design to the next level

    This 360-degree porch is amazing.


    Erin and Ben love building porches. In fact, they have a track record of creating the most amazing front sitting spaces, complete with porch swings, outdoor furniture, and adorable colors. But in the “Something About a Porch” episode, they outdo themselves, expanding the original layout to create a 360-degree space. It’s a a stunning place to put down a welcome mat.

    2. Erin proves she can pull off midcentury style, too

    This kitchen is a mix of country and midcentury.


    Erin is known for her country-chic style, so she surprises everyone when she pulls off a midcentury look. With green cabinets and a star-print backsplash, this kitchen design is proof she’s not just a one-trick pony when it comes to home design.

    3. Ben and Erin create a cafe

    This cafe looks amazing.


    Are Ben and Erin jealous of Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ restaurant, Magnolia Table? It sure seems that way when they build a cute cafe for two brothers, proving that residential and commercial real estate design have a lot more in common than you might think.

    4. They recycle a tree just in time for Christmas

    Wow! From eyesore to stunning Christmas tree.


    During one makeover, the Napiers find themselves with a massive fir tree blocking the home’s view. They decide it must come down—and since it’s Christmastime, they find a heartwarming way to put it to good use. They deck it with tons of lights and put it up in the center of town, where it can be appreciated by all.

    5. Erin reveals the secret to using yellow

    This yellow door looks perfect.


    It seems Erin slips a yellow door, wall, or accent into almost every home she designs. It’s not usually a very popular color for a house, with homeowners often leaning toward white or blue. But Erin makes yellow look great.

    So what’s her secret?

    In the “Fire and Water” episode, she reveals her trick to finding the perfect shade of yellow. She says that most of the time, people don’t pick the right shade. The trick, she says, is to find a yellow with just a hint of purple in it. We must say—we’re yellow converts, now!

    6. Ben and Erin meet Lance Bass’ grandfather

    Lance Bass
    Mr. Jimmy showed Erin and Ben Napier some World War II memorabilia.


    ‘N Sync singer Lance Bass’ grandfather, Mr. Jimmy, happens to live in Laurel, and is a World War II veteran to boot. So during one renovation that could stand for some historical context, the pair visit the Veterans Memorial Museum, where Mr. Jimmy, a volunteer there, shares some stories and memorabilia about the war.

    7. They face a tornado

    This home had some serious tornado damage.


    It’s not every day Erin and Ben work with a celebrity, but when actor Richard T. Jones (known for “Event Horizon” and “Vantage Point”) comes to town, they know they need to pull out all the stops.

    Jones is buying a home in Laurel as an investment property. Unfortunately, just before it’s finished, a tornado rips through Laurel, destroying a chunk of the house. Luckily, no one is hurt and it costs only an extra $15,000 to repair.

    8. They move a house

    This house is now far enough away from Mom’s house next door!


    Usually, “Home Town” is all about people moving into a house, not about a house moving. Nonetheless, Ben and Erin manage to pull a house off its foundation and move it across the yard.

    Apparently, the home’s resident has inherited the property (it once belonged to her grandmother), but the problem is it’s right next to her mom’s house. And while this mother-daughter duo are close, that’s a bit too close for comfort.

    She decides that the cost of moving the house, even a little distance, is well worth the extra privacy. Meanwhile, Erin and Ben show us that moving a whole house isn’t as impossible a feat as you might think.

    9. They find horsehair in a chair

    Erin does a great job helping to reupholster this chair.


    Erin encounters a surprise during one episode when she reupholsters an old chair only to find that it’s packed with horsehair.

    Is that bad?

    On the contrary, the upholsterer says horsehair is a sign of a quality classic furniture. Who knew?

    10. Ben even builds a guitar

    Ben did an amazing job making a guitar from scratch!


    On just about every episode of “Home Town,” Ben makes an incredible wood piece for the home. He’s clearly a talented furniture maker, but who knew he could make a real, working guitar, too?

    Ben knows the homeowner is a musician, so he takes to the wood shop to learn how to make a guitar. To make the gift extra special, he makes the fret markers from copper wiring out of the house. In the end it looks (and sounds!) great.

    Is there anything these two can’t do? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what challenges Season 5 brings soon enough.

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