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‘Unsellable Houses’ Reveals Something That’s Weirdly Irresistible to Buyers Today


On “Unsellable Houses,” Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis prove how small changes to a home can have a big impact on how it looks—and how fast it sells. One key, according to the twin sisters, is making upgrades that’ll attract young millennials, who make up 43% of homebuyers today.

In the Season 3 episode “Colorfully Crafted,” Davis and Lamb meet with Julie and Dave, a couple who are hoping to help Julie’s mom sell her house and net enough to spend her golden years worry-free. However, Julie and Dave are struggling to get buyers interested in the Lake Stevens, WA, home. Though they were hoping for a buyer at $475,000, they haven’t had any luck.

Lamb and Davis offer to renovate the house, pointing out that it doesn’t need a lot of work.

“It’s not always about spending $100,000,” Davis says. “Sometimes it’s just about putting handles on cabinets.”

They end up investing $50,000 to update the place, and while the fate of this home is unknown by the end of the show, this makeover nonetheless proves how small, budget-friendly upgrades may be all that’s needed to update an old house. Check out what they do, which might teach you some easy renovation moves you’d like to try, too.

Clear a cramped entryway

entry closet
Before: This entry closet made the entry feel tight.


When Davis and Lamb first walk into Julie and Dave’s house, they find one big problem: the entry closet.

While most buyers appreciate some storage near the front door, the sisters point out that potential buyers will walk in and find a view of closet doors rather than spacious sightlines to the living room.

“I kind of hate that it’s in the middle of the room,” Davis says. “Because if you can walk in and see a fireplace, that would get you a bigger return than somebody realizing they don’t have an entry closet.”

open living room
After: Now, the entry opens up to a beautiful living room.


The sisters have the closet removed, opening up the entry and providing a great first impression. It’s a good reminder that modern-day homebuyers love open layouts, and if a wall or closet can be taken down in order to get that open look, it might be worth the change—even if it means sacrificing storage.

Lots of color is irresistible to young homebuyers

90s kitchen
Before: This kitchen is a good size, but the colors make it look dated.


When the sisters first tour this house, every room looks dated, but no space shows its old age quite like the kitchen.

Lamb wants to update the kitchen in a colorful way, choosing green cabinets and a blush-pink tile backsplash. Davis is hesitant about using so much color, but Lamb knows that young homebuyers go nuts for it.

green kitchen
After: Green cabinets and a blush-pink backsplash make this kitchen look more fun.


“Pink tile is something that we are going to see more and more of,” Lamb says. “It’s very unique, it’s very social media-worthy, and I want this house to look great in the background of somebody’s social media pictures.”

To finish the space, Lamb adds a pure white quartz counter, which grounds the colorful cabinets and backsplash. In the end, the daring selection looks great together, proving that sellers shouldn’t be afraid of some color.

Updating a fireplace can be simple

Before: This fireplace was bland and dated.


When it comes time to update the fireplace, Lamb and Davis know they have few options. After spending $48,000 on the rest of the house, they have only $2,000 left to finish the renovation.

So Lamb and Davis go simple with a green mantel, to match the new kitchen, plus herringbone tile below the mantel (rather than going all the way up the wall).

“Thankfully this plan is cost-effective, but it’ll still look great and add to the value of this home,” Lamb says.

updated fireplace
After: Homeowners don’t need to spend a fortune to make a fireplace photo-ready.


The twins spend just $300 on the new fireplace materials and, in the end, this feature is completely transformed.

A mural creates a great office backdrop

Before: This bedroom needed a colorful touch.


Lamb and Davis want to help buyers imagine themselves living in this house, so they decide to make one room into a home office, a space many people need these days. They set up a desk and even add a green, floral-inspired mural on one wall.

“Millennials who work from home always want that cool backdrop, so we just gave them a home office to work from with a built-in backdrop,” Lamb says.

After: This mural is a perfect background for video calls.


Davis also loves the cost-effective upgrade, saying, “I think the mural’s so cool. I mean, I love the idea. I think it’s going to add so much to this house.”

Use wallpaper in unexpected places—like the ceiling

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis
Lyndsay Lamb tells Leslie Davis of her plan to wallpaper the laundry room ceiling.


Lamb wants to do something special in the laundry room, but once again, she wants to be conscious of the budget. She has an idea to wallpaper the ceiling, but Davis once again isn’t impressed with her plan.

“Are you kidding me?” Davis asks when she first hears of the idea.

Still, Lamb knows this will be a good move.

“The laundry room’s right off the kitchen, and it is also the entry off of the garage,” Lamb explains. “So, realistically, whoever buys this home is going to park in the garage and come in through that room every single day. Why not make it a really fun entry?”

laundry room
Now, this laundry room has a fun pop of color.


Together, the sisters apply the speckled pink wallpaper to the ceiling. It’s a small project, but right away, it looks great.

“This is definitely not something that most homeowners would come in and do themselves,” Davis admits. “But now that I’m seeing it all come together, I think that it’s something that buyers will pay extra for. I mean, this is a designer’s touch.”

The wallpaper is pink, matching the kitchen backsplash.


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