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Untouched Since 1968, This Georgia Time Capsule Is Simply Groovy

Shared all over the internet, this time capsule house in Georgia has folks buzzing, including the real estate agent representing the place.

“It’s as if Zsa Zsa Gabor, Elizabeth Taylor, and the owner had a bit of coffee—or something stronger—and just enjoyed each other’s company in a setting Austin Powers would love,” says listing agent Pat Soltys, of Palmer House Properties.

On the market for $475,000, the vintage beauty is located in Smoke Rise on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Soltys and others in her neighborhood have long called the home the boxcar house.

“It’s kind of nondescript from the outside, and you’d never guess what is inside,” says Soltys.

The 2,772-square-foot home was built in 1968. The current owner bought it in 1985 and didn’t change a darn thing inside.

“The only things that have been changed are lightbulbs,” Soltys says with a laugh. “Even the same furs are on the shelf.”


Smoke Rise Agents


Smoke Rise Agents

Dining area

Smoke Rise Agents

Great room with fireplace

Smoke Rise Agents

The wild style is apparent the moment you open the front door. You’re greeted by smoky, gold-accented mirrors on the walls and ceiling, cork paneling, and much, much more.

“People just go, ‘Wow.’ They stop in their tracks and try to take everything in,” Soltys says. “There’s something new in every corner. We tease and say it’s one mirror short of a bordello.”

The showstopper is a round mirrored fireplace in the center of the great room. It appears to float on a sea of teal carpeting, surrounded by built-in sofas and consoles.

“It has a certain modern feel for that time period,” she says. “It’s old Hollywood or Palm Springs grand.”

Dining area

Smoke Rise Agents


Smoke Rise Agents

Conversation pit

Smoke Rise Agents

A dining area leads into a large conversation pit with a built-in circular couch, fireplace, and fountain.

“I love being in the room with the conversation pit and the water fountain. You could just sit there and really relax,” Soltys says.


Smoke Rise Agents

Main bedroom

Smoke Rise Agents

The curvy theme extends to the home’s four bedrooms, including one with a round bed with a circular canopy. The primary bedroom features a one-of-a-kind built-in bed.

“The wave headboard in the master bedroom all lights up the mirrors around it,” Soltys says. “The [carpeted] headboard comes up in a big wave over the whole bed like a canopy, but it’s all mirrors. You either like it or you don’t. Everything about this house is crazy.”

The wild listing photos aren’t keeping buyers away. With over 70 showings, Soltys says, the home has received many offers. “We know it will go over full price; we just don’t know how far.”

Some of the smaller furnishings have been sold, but the house is still mostly furnished.

“Most [items] are there because they are built in,” says the agent. The free-standing roller chairs seen in the great room are gone—and sold for $2,500 each.

“They’re called Tootsie Roll chairs, and they kind of remind you of Barney Flintstone’s car,” Soltys says.


Smoke Rise Agents

As with the rest of the house, the kitchen is dated and will need to be brought into the 21st century. On the plus side, it offers plenty of prep space and a breakfast bar.

The home’s mechanicals have all been updated, including a whole-house generator and a new roof.

“It’s in really great condition. Just dated, but dated very nicely,” Soltys explains. “All of the things that are mechanical or structural have been taken care of, but not changing the character.”

The home sits on 1.1 acres, which Soltys says is typical of the neighborhood.


Smoke Rise Agents


Smoke Rise Agents

A 2,342-square-foot basement nearly doubles the home’s livable space. The ceiling here isn’t finished, but it easily could be.

“One of the things that surprises people the most when they go into the basement is the 12-foot ceilings and daylight on two sides,” she explains.

The homeowner, Ms. Bunny, has moved to Texas, Soltys says, but she’s enjoying all the attention her house has received.

“She is alive and well—and gets a kick out of everybody’s statements about her house. She’s watching from afar like crazy.”


Smoke Rise Agents

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