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What Is CleanTok? Get Ready for Viral Videos That Can Motivate You To Get Up and Clean

What is #CleanTok? Viral Videos That Can Motivate You to Get Up and Clean

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Most people loathe doing household chores, but TikTok users have tapped into something that makes the act of cleaning a home enjoyable—sometimes even hypnotically addictive. Search for #CleanTok hashtag on the video app, and you’ll find content creators sharing their tidying efforts with the world.

#CleanTok “is a viral trend on TikTok for all things cleaning: hacks, tips, tricks, and more,” says Leanne Stapf, chief operating officer of The Cleaning Authority.

Users seek out #CleanTok to see satisfying videos of people scrubbing bath tile, sanitizing and reorganizing a fridge, cutting through oven grease, turning a pool from green to clean—pretty much all those tedious tasks you hate doing. It’s also one of the most popular categories on TikTok; #CleanTok videos have racked up 38.6 billion views and counting.

“Watching videos of something going from being completely dirty to clean and sparkling allows viewers to feel a sense of satisfaction—the same feeling they get when they complete a similar task on their own,” says Stapf.

Does #CleanTok make cleaning more attractive?

Despite the popularity of #CleanTok, two-thirds of Americans would rather scroll through #CleanTok than actually clean their own house, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll for Stanley Steemer. Some 64% of respondents reported they enjoy watching others clean more than doing it themselves, and 45% said they watched the videos on a weekly basis.

#CleanTok “is trending because people feel less stressed when they see a clean home, even if it means watching other people cleaning their own homes,” says Michael Silva-Nash, executive vice president of Molly Maid of Little Rock, AR.

The before and after aspect of the videos is intriguing to viewers, says Silva-Nash. “We’ve seen before and after videos of home remodeling, makeovers, and weight loss, but the videos on #CleanTok show something that they can and probably should do. It puts a clean sanctuary within reach.”

Tips for people who would rather watch than clean

If your “For You” page is filled with #CleanTok videos but you’re still struggling to get motivated to clean, you’re not alone. But if TikTokkers can transform their homes from dirty to clean, so can you, especially if you’re armed with the right tools and cleaning methods.

We spent countless hours on TikTok checking out the best cleaning hacks. Here are some tips that might even inspire your very own #CleanTok video.

Get a routine going

“Not everything has to be done every day and certainly not at the same time,” says Silva-Nash. “But commit to a routine of doing the bathrooms on one day, vacuuming another day, and so on.”

Stapf suggests creating daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning to-do lists so it’s not too much at once.

“You can also create different lists based on different rooms of your home in order to stay organized,” Stapf says.

You can also give the FlyLady cleaning method a try. It’s a system of cleaning that originated in the 1990s, but it’s found new life on TikTok. This cleaning method breaks down your tasks into manageable increments and divides the house into zones. For example, zone 1 is the entrance, dining area, and front porch; zone 2 is the kitchen; and zone 3 is the bathrooms, bedroom, office, and laundry room.


How establishing a morning routine changed my changed my life! #flyladymethod #dailyroutine #momsoftiktok #sahmlife #mentalhealth #cleantok

♬ Stories 2 – Danilo Stankovic


Make it fun

#CleanTok places a big emphasis on methods to make cleaning around the home fun. One of Silva-Nash’s favorite hacks is to clean the ceiling fan by pulling a pillowcase over it and dragging off the dust.


This was one of my first cleaning hack vids I shared on tiktok this past year. I’m humbled by the love and support. Thank you my fellow clean freaks💚

♬ Dirty Harry – Gorillaz

Another handy cleaning hack is “laundry stripping.” You’ll find this process either deeply satisfying or deeply gross.


#cleaninghacks #fyp #cleaningsaturdays

♬ original sound – Renee Alyse Bell

Whistle while you work

Fact: Chores are more tolerable when you pair them with playlists of your favorite songs. It’ll help you take your mind off the task at hand, and before you know it, your house will be sparkling.

This video recently went viral on TikTok for perfectly capturing how every millennial feels cleaning while listening to hits from the early 2000s. TikTok user @theegavindees even created the ultimate millennial cleaning playlist on Spotify.


Nothing can top this era of music 🤌🏼 #millennialsoftiktok #millennial

♬ original sound – Dj GallixC

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