Your Price Forecast for Selling Your House

    How much can we sell our house for? That question is always at the top of our minds when we start to think about selling our home, though we are not always sure on how much we can truly get. Even though there are several variables that determine your home’s value, there is one good sign that you can rely on this year: the economy. Overall, the national real estate market has been making strides in improvement. Home values have been climbing since 2013 and now is a great time to sell your house — since your home’s value has certainly risen with the economy. If you still doubt your home’s selling potential in Summit County, check out this graph by S&P Case Shiller:

    Home Prices in Summit County CO

    Change in Real Estate Prices

    As you can see from the chart, home prices have been increasing for the last 2 years, giving you a great potential to sell your home for a good price. Most of the price increases have been direct results from the recovering economy, renewed confidence in the job market, and an increase in buyer activity. The major plus to the increase in home values is that you can make a return investment on your property. Your home’s equity is back on the positive side and you might earn extra cash to upgrade to a better home. MSN Money has even stated that real estate is one of the best areas of making a return investment, surpassing most stock options, so now remains one of the best times to sell your home and earn a profit.

    Home Prices in Summit County

    How Can I Sell My House

    Selling your house is one of the most rewarding times in your life, but it can also be one of the most daunting things undertaken. The home selling process has a lot of items you’ll need to pay attention to, and having a qualified real estate agent to lead you through the process is key to success. Learn how the Smits Team can help you sell your home in Summit County, and we’ll show you the results we can produce!

    Learn How We Can Sell Your House

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