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    Zooey Deschanel Joins the Property Brothers for a Must-See Makeover


    “Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have always had great design ideas, but in the Season 2 premiere of their show “Celebrity IOU,” they get some fresh insights from Jonathan’s girlfriend, Zooey Deschanel!

    In the episode “Zooey Deschanel’s Stunner,” the Scott brothers team up with Deschanel to renovate her best friend Sarah‘s house.

    Sarah’s beachside El Segundo, CA, home has only 900 square feet, and with two kids running around, space is tight. So the Scott brothers make plans to renovate the space with Deschanel weighing in.

    Read on to learn how this threesome turns this tiny beach shack into a perfect family house, which might inspire you to try a few of these upgrades around your own abode.

    Don’t let shiplap overcrowd a small space

    Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott start removing the shiplap themselves.


    Deschanel explains that the biggest problem with Sarah’s house is the chopped-up layout.

    “I just think that it’s tight, and there’s lots of small rooms rather than more open space,” she says.

    They decide to take down the kitchen wall to open up the living area. Plus, they give the remaining living room walls a refresh by removing some old shiplap.

    living room
    These bright white walls look much better in this small space.


    The brothers know that shiplap is a popular design feature, but in a small house, it can make the space look busy. Once it’s gone, all the walls in the living area look consistent, and the space seems brighter and bigger.

    Use cabinets to hide a washer and dryer

    This exposed washer and dryer was an eyesore.


    When Deschanel shows Drew and Jonathan around the house for the first time, Jonathan is shocked to find a full washer and dryer sitting in the kitchen.

    “No exposed laundry in the kitchen! That’s like my pet peeve,” Jonathan says playfully. The brothers know they need to find a better place for this washer and dryer, even if there’s no space for a proper laundry room in this small house.

    Now, the washer and dryer are hidden away.


    The brothers shift the kitchen door, which creates extra storage space on the back wall. With the extra space, they’re able to give the washer and dryer their own spot behind some elegant gray cabinets. Sarah’s washer and dryer still may not have a proper laundry room, but now they’re at least tucked away.

    Save space with a built-in banquette

    This built-in banquette is a work in progress!


    The brothers plan a beautiful remodel of Sarah’s kitchen, but at the last minute, Deschanel suggests installing a built-in banquette instead of a kitchen table. She notes that the kitchen and dining space is small, so a banquette would help make the area feel less crowded.

    This built-in banquette looks perfect in the space.


    The brothers love the idea, and they change their plans to include the banquette. As Jonathan explains, this will make a convenient addition to the space.

    “It’ll provide a cozy spot for cherished family meals as well as an additional play area for the kids with even more storage for games and toys below,” he says.

    When the house is done, this banquette is Sarah’s favorite new feature. It looks like Deschanel has some great design ideas!

    Use white counters to brighten a kitchen

    This kitchen had some good features, but it was so small.


    Before the renovation, Sarah’s kitchen has some nice design features, like white counters, but the space is just too small. The brothers know they’ll need to knock down the kitchen wall and give the whole kitchen a new look.

    Light countertops brighten this space.


    They end up copying the look of the original kitchen by installing some white counters, but they upgrade the style by installing white sintered stone, with a waterfall edge, on the huge new island.

    Deschanel loves the counter choice. “It has nice detail, but it also is neutral and goes with some of the other warmer colors,” she explains.

    Light floors help open up a home

    Jonathan and Zooey
    Jonathan and Deschanel work hard to choose the right materials for Sarah’s house.


    When Drew and Jonathan first tour Sarah’s house, Deschanel points out that the flooring isn’t consistent. While the kitchen and living room floors are the same color, they run in different directions, creating a seam at the kitchen entrance.

    So Deschanel chooses a new, light hardwood to go throughout the house. The light color makes the small space seem bigger, while the consistent pattern gives the space a cohesive, elegant look.

    “I love this floor so much,” Deschanel says as she helps install the flooring. “It’s the perfect color because it’s light, but it’s got a lot of depth to it, too.”

    This light flooring is perfect for a small house.


    When the renovation is finished, Sarah loves the look. Who knows? Maybe Deschanel has a future helping out the Scott brothers more often.

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