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Cirque Condominiums – Copper Mountain, CO

Cirque Condominiums, CO

Cirque Condominiums, CO


Cirque Condominiums 

Copper Mountain, CO is a well-known ski resort located in Summit Country, Colorado. This place became popular when it hosted the World Cup Tour in 1976 providing 4 ski races. After this event was held, professional skiers and tourists began acknowledging this place not only for skiing but to visit attractions as well. Frequent visitors also began planning long stays in Copper Mountain since it offers more than just recreation advantages. One of the most popular choices is Cirque Condominiums.

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Living in Cirque Condominiums

Cirque Condominiums is strategically located in surrounding mountains. Due to its location, the view from every window opens to the beauty of nature. These condominiums are also equipped with hot tubs, pools, a fitness room, heated parking, and other facilities. In fact, this condominium is the only platinum rated location on Copper Mountain.

Cirque Condominiums is located in the West Village of Copper Mountain near the Union Creek High-Speed Quad. This luxury condominium has 37 rooms available that range from one to three bedrooms. It is also situated in the most convenient place since it is near the American Flyer which just a 5-minute walk away. Surrounding landmarks nearby include The Cache and Lewis Ranch.

What People Say About Cirque

People from everywhere began writing a review about Cirque Condominiums. An anonymous guest found her travel to be so amazing because of the warmth and hospitality from the service at Cirque Condominiums. She mentioned that the Jacuzzi and pool also are warm enough to have a good swim and they are close to skiing areas.

She also noted that the rooms are decorated with a homey ambiance and each room is spacious enough to accommodate certain number of guest. She gave a high ranking to the hotel in terms of value for money, location, cleanliness, and service.

Another happy client is from a guest called Lola. Her experience in Cirque was said to be outstanding. She likes the proximity of everything since it is close to attractions, stores, and other areas. Again, she appreciated to pool and Jacuzzi. She recommends it to tourists who have no cars, families with young children, romantic couples, and friends on a getaway.

Why Choose Cirque?

The clients’ satisfaction rating and the actual amenities are just some of the reasons why Cirque is worth investing in. The peaceful ambiance of this place can truly make anyone feel the luxury of having a place to enjoy a vacation.

This condo offers walkways that are also heated so anyone can walk barefoot even during negative-degree temperatures. The pools in the courtyard provide a stunning view of mountains with white speckles of snow that are truly breathtaking.

Vacation is always about fun which is why Cirque offers a wet bar where everyone can pleasure themselves with fine drinks and new acquaintances. The common lounge area also has a fireplace where every guest can relax and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Compared to Cirque Condominiums, no other location seems to compete. Everything just seems to fall in perfect place where the challenges of skiing meet the relaxing ambiance of lodging. Cirque Condominiums is an exceptional place to stay and enjoy whatever life has to offer.

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