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Dillon Bay in Corinthian Hill Dillon, CO

Dillon Bay in Corinthian Hill

Dillon Bay in Corinthian Hill, CO

Dillon Bay in Corinthian Hill in Dillon, CO is a wonderful place to live. Few places can match its excellent homes, great schools, amazing entertainment options and fantastic quality of life.

Located in Summit County in north-central Colorado, the town of Dillon encompasses 2.3 square miles about 1/3 of which is water. At 9,111 feet in elevation, Dillon is great for people who love skiing and with a population of just over 2,300 people there isn’t much competition for the slopes among locals.

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Perfect Location 

The former stagecoach stop and trading post named after prospector Tom Dillon is located on a pleasant hillside overlooking the Blue River Valley near the confluence of Snake River and Ten Mile Creek, the Dillon Dam and its reservoir Lake Dillon.

Dillon has a pleasant climate and abundant snowfall. Almost half the town’s residents are small families. Men outnumber women by a slight margin. The median age of Dillon residents is 37. Dillon is a peaceful town where the average household income is about $60,000 a year.

Great Entertainment Options

The abundance of natural scenery, spectacular vistas, ski resorts and year round activities is what draws many people to Dillon. People swim, fish and boat in the waterways, ski the mountain sides and explore the White River National Forest and the Blue River Valley.

The free summer concerts at the Dillon Amphitheatre, abundant shopping opportunities, excellent restaurants, biking, hiking, boating, and fishing, ample but subdued nightlife and quaint small town feel make Dillon pleasing to both residents and visitors alike.

The Friday farmers market on the lake, lack of touristy atmosphere, small crowds, fresh air and wide open spaces create an amazing feeling.

Charming Town

The town has all the modern amenities, is in close proximity to colleges, universities and economic opportunities, has beautiful homes and a prosperous, progressive population yet it has managed to keep away the ills that plague many other growing cities.

Education, water conservation, solar gardens, recycling, the Dillon Yacht Club, the gorgeous Dillon Marina, wild and tame birds and animals and smart growth are the focus of this charming town.

The people are friendly, the land is lovely and opportunities abound. Getting a home at stunning Dillon Bay in Corinthian Hill in Dillon, Colorado may be the best decision you ever make in your life.

The Ultimate Resource

Whether you are single or married with children Dillon Bay in Corinthian Hill in Dillon, Colorado is the perfect place. There you can relax, make plans and live your dream.

The community has everything you need. It’s like living in an all-inclusive resort. You can look out your window and gaze at the breathtaking Lake Dillon and the Blue River Valley.

You can walk out on your porch and breathe deeply of air so clean and fresh you can feel your mind and body getting clearer and stronger. Years ago people went to Dillon, Colorado in search of gold. Today Dillon offers something more precious: peace of mind.

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