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Frisco Station Frisco, CO

Frisco Station, CO

Frisco Station, CO

The small and adventurous residential neighborhood of Frisco Station in the Summit County, Colorado provides a charming environment to live and work. It’s surrounded by scenic and beautiful natural rocky and hilly scenery of the Rocky and Copper Mountain that borders the community. Though small, the neighborhood makes an ultimate place to reside in.

Most people living in Frisco, CO work within this small community and the not far away towns. With the top employers being personal businesses, the hospitality and education industry as well as the health and the public sector, a lot of residents draw their income from these industries.

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Housing and accommodation

Although the home prices have increased over the past couple of years, housing in Frisco Station is still very affordable. Examples of housing available include detached houses, apartments, condos, townhouses and mobile homes.

All the basic human necessities are afforded to all families as well as visitors in the city such as abundant supply of water, electricity, sewer and garbage collection services. All these are provided through the town council.

Attractions and Things to do

Frisco Station had been for many years provided a small haven for tourists. Now that it has been gradually transformed into a sophisticated residential community, the residents get to benefit from loads of attractions within the area including quite a huge number of activities to do.

These include hiking, rock and mountain climbing in the hills, camping, biking, backcountry skiing, water rafting, ice skating and fishing. Most of these activities are ideal over the winter season and can involve the entire family.

The night life is highly exhilarating especially through the live music bands, bars, clubs and restaurants that are both within and around the Frisco area.

There exist roughly a total of 40 restaurants, bars and cafes to offer the residents complete relaxation, regeneration and reflection.

Other remarkable attractions, events and activities include community gatherings, firework shows, Colorado barbecue challenge, the Frisco Adventure Park, The Gold Rush, Historic Park and museum, Frisco heritage museum, Sci-tech Discovery Center, Frisco Station Mall and the Cinemark among others.

Education and schooling

Education in Frisco Station is highly valued and though there aren’t as many schools or institutions of higher learning, most parents either enroll their kids in schools that are both within the community as well as in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Examples of these include the Fisher Elementary, Reba Cobb Carroll Elementary and the Wakeland High School.

Frisco Station provides an ideal place to live whether by oneself or with your small family. This is because most of the houses are single family houses and are located within a quiet and peaceful residential environment.

The infrastructure of the community is very good with most areas being connected to wireless internet, there being a very good road network and public transportation, abundance in water and gas, proximity to major shopping centers like the Frisco Shopping Mall, a couple of medical centers, plenty of clean and fresh air but most importantly, availability of affordable housing and easiness in getting a job or starting a business.

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