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Shock Hill Breckenridge, CO

Shock Hill, CO

Shock Hill, CO

About Breckenridge

Not everyone knows that the town of Breckenridge, CO got it’s name in the hopes of acquiring it’s own post office back in 1859! The town was named after John C. Breckinridge, former Vice President of the United States, from the state of Kentucky. As it turns out, even back then, flattery got you pretty far, for; Breckenridge did indeed get it’s very own post office, along with lots and lots of tourism over the years to come.

The town of Breckenridge houses just under 5,000 permanent residents, however; it also accommodates nearly as many part-time residents to boot! Breckenridge, CO is very well known for it’s fantastic slopes! People from all over flock to ski the four fabulous peaks of the Ten Mile Range of the Colorado Rockies. Of course, one might only consider all the fun winter activities that Breckenridge has to offer, but; the town is full fun in the sun as well!

Breckenridge is actually quite beautiful in the summertime! Tourists and part-time residents can’t wait to hike the great hiking trails and fly fish the area’s abundant lakes and rivers. Many outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy mountain biking, collecting wildflowers, white water rafting, camping, rock climbing and let’s not forget the town’s annual July 4th parade!

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Shock Hill Real Estate

At 9,600 feet above sea level, Breckenridge is broken down into several subdivisions. Shock Hill just so happens to be the place to go if you are looking for luxury accommodations.

When it comes to real estate, one can find an array of luxurious single family homes and condo’s that are perfect for the family or individual who loves the great outdoors! If you love to Nordic, hike or snowshoe; Shock Hill has many accessible trails that are just as great with or without a set of skis.


The neighborhood of Shock Hill has a lot to offer culturally as well! The town has a variety of museums and art galleries to visit, an abundance of history to learn about and plenty of entertainment for everyone! From outdoor concerts to festivals of all kinds, Breckenridge is a great place to visit.

The town of Breckenridge will remind you of the Old West Due to it’s location, many of it’s older buildings were mainly constructed out of wood. Even it’s newly constructed buildings are built to resemble the older buildings and the look of a wood finish.

There are quality schools in the area, fabulous shopping centers and the restaurants and nightclubs feature live music, excellent food and a large variety of delicious martinis! Among the hottest spots in town are Cecelia’s and the Park Avenue Pub.

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