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Summerwood Dillon, CO

Summerwood, CO

Summerwood, CO

Summerwood is an upscale private community located in the Rocky Mountains of Dillon, CO. It’s very close to the popular communities of Keystone, Copper Mountain, and Breckenridge, and is made up of three condominium complexes and a single-family home duplex that total to about one hundred homes in the area.

It’s protected by the Summerwood Homeowners Association. Home owners enjoy the stunning view of Lake Dillon and the mountain landscape from their balconies or porches. Not to mention that the community is equipped with many amenities which make it the perfect place to live. For those looking to live in an upstanding safe community surrounded by beautiful views and landscapes, Summerwood is the perfect choice.

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Summerwood Amenities

In addition to its perfect setting, Summerwood also has physical amenities that make it a great place to call home. For example there is a swimming pool available for use by residents, tennis courts, and a spectacular clubhouse.

The clubhouse is near the two outdoor tennis courts, and is equipped with a party room perfect for hosting events, a fitness room with state of the art exercise equipment, a racquetball court, and basketball court. For those looking for a place to relax and let off some steam, there is a steam room available, hot tub, and pool.

Dillon and the Surrounding Area

Dillon, Colorado is a very small town in Summit County with a population of approximately nine hundred people. Because of this, many residents visit other towns in the area such as Breckenridge, Keystone, Whispering Pines, and Corinthian Hills and partake in what they have to offer. Between the small towns there are plenty of unique activities that residents can take part in.


There are plenty of activities opportunities in the area for residents to enjoy. For example, there is the Dillon Schoolhouse Museum which was building in 1883 and has since been renovated. The museum offers tours and is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend.

There is also golfing at several different facilities including the Copper Mountain Golf Course and the Keystone Ranch Golf course. The courses have eighteen holes, and offer an extraordinary golfing experience while enjoying the stunning views of the mountains and lake.

For those truly interested in a unique experience, there is dogsledding available. This is something that can’t be done just anywhere making it very special to the area. Here not only can people guide their own team of dogs through the scenic land, but they also will have the opportunity to learn about this form of transportation and its history. It is a wonderful experience for the entire family.

Another thing citizens can do is sled on the Keystone and Copper Mountains. There is also skiing and tubing offered at the resorts in the area.

Other activities include fishing, boating, art classes, skateboarding, ice skating and hockey, beer tasting, and rafting on the river.

There are some many great things that this area has to offer that it only makes sense to want to call it home

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