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Gateway Keystone, CO

Gateway, CO

Gateway, CO

Keystone, Colorado is one of the different census-designated places in Summit County. As of the count that was held in 2010, Keystone’s population reached a total of 1,079. People flock to the area to take advantage of the various ski opportunities that are in the area.

Based on information from the United Stated Census Bureau, it has an area of 40.6 square miles or 105 square kilometers, 0.02% of which is water.

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Friendly Keystone Residents

The last census count shows that there are over 88 families that currently reside in Keystone, CO. Those who are looking to buy properties in loosely condensed areas will love the spatial capacity of the locale.

As of last count, the population density of Keystone was only 20.3 people per square mile. This leaves residents with more than enough space to erect their homes and enjoy the great outdoors.

Friendly Keystone residents also have a high level of racial diversity. The area has a diverse population of different races and lineages, all attracted by Keystone’s main outdoor attraction: its slopes.

Ski Resorts Galore

Since Keystone is teaming with natural slopes, skiing resorts that attract both tourists and residents are available at almost every turn. One of the most popular resorts in the area is the Keystone Resort, a skiing attraction that was developed in the 1970s.

This ski resort presently occupies a whopping three-mountain terrain that can be used by skiers of different skill levels.

The Keystone Resort also offers various kinds of outdoor winter attractions, including but not limited to: snowboarding, hiking, ice fishing, ice-skating, snowmobiling, dogsledding, and, of course, skiing. During hotter summer months, outdoor enthusiasts enjoy activities like fishing, hiking, biking, and trail running.

The Keystone Resort is only a stone’s throw away from other beautiful resorts that locals frequent during their free time. In Gateway, people flock to the Gateway Mountain Lodge during their downtime.

Free shuttle rides are offered from the main areas of Keystone to this resort, making it easier for individuals and groups to enjoy Gateway Mountain Lodge’s side of the area. There are also different kinds of retail shops near the resort, all catering to consumers’ different needs and interests.

Attractions in Keystone, CO

Keystone does not lack different restaurants that fit various tastes and palettes. Due to the high diversity of its population, it is not hard for residents and tourists to find restaurants and food shops that will cater to their cravings. These establishments are all highly accessible by both public and private transportation.

Spas that offer different kinds of relaxation treatments are also abundant in the area. Catering to the needs of both the residents and guests, spas offer services that range from the simplest massage to various kinds of relaxation treatments. These establishments are popular among ski tourists and residents because of their affordable offers.

Keystone, CO is also a great place for families to settle in because of the variety of family-friendly establishments and organizations in the area. The city has schools, malls, and scenic spots that all ages can enjoy and they are all accessible by shuttle, car, or walking.

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