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Dillon, CO Real Estate

About Dillon, CO

Dillon is quaint town in the county of Summit, Colorado- nestled among the Rocky Mountains. Incorporated in 1883, the town has had to move locations three times, and since 1961, the town has been situated along the shoreline of the Dillon Reservoir. The town is small, in fact it only measures 2.34 square miles, and 1.5 square miles of that area is just water. Many of the residents that live in Dillon enjoy the small community feel and others come for the beautiful scenery, the snow capped mountains, and the picturesque lakes.

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In the winter, Dillon is a great place for skiing, snow tubing, skating and other snow related sports due to its close proximity to the Rocky Mountains and numerous popular ski resorts. In the summer, the snow capped mountains turn into lush green hills, ideal for biking, hiking and exploring. The Dillon Dam, Lake Dillon, and the Dillon Reservoir provide plenty of areas for water based activities such as sailing, jet skiing, kayaking and more.

The weather in Dillon, Colorado changes drastically throughout the year. Winters can be bitter cold, with an average low in January of only 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Not all winters are that bad however, with the average high being almost 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers in Dillon vary from comfortably warm to very hot, with average highs in July reaching north of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite the population almost doubling over the past five years, Dillon is small and quaint town- typically averaging between 2,000 and 3,000 residents residing in the town at a time. Dillon’s close location to many of Summit’s most popular ski resorts makes it a popular location for visitors during the winter and summer months. Dillon’s hotels and motels have the capacity of holding up to 5,200 occupants, almost double the amount of residents that occupy the town.

The crime rate in Dillon is significantly lower than the average crime rate for the state of Colorado. Homes in Dillon range in value from the $100,000s to over a million dollars depending on the location of the home. Houses on the shore of Lake Dillon or the shoreline of the Dillon Reservoir are the priciest homes in Dillon, but all property in the town lies within close proximity to Lake Dillon, the Reservoir, as well as all the popular ski resorts in Summit County.

Because of Dillon’s small size, children and teenagers in the town may go to school in the surrounding towns. Although Dillon does have an elementary school, children also might attend Breckenridge Elementary, Frisco Elementary, Silverthorne Elementary, Summit Cove Elementary or Upper Blue Elementary. Summit county has one main middle school and one main high school were the residents attend grades 8-12.

Summit County is a beautiful location in Colorado and Dillon is a great town to consider for those looking to move to that area.

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