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Real Estate & Local Guide to Keystone, Colorado Explore Vacation Properties in Keystone, CO!

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Why Move To Keystone, CO?

If you love skiing and never want to stop, then Keystone is where you should move to. With over 130 individual trails, it’s easy to find your own corner of nature. You can spend countless hours enjoying the slopes and the scenery, but the best part about living here is that you can come back tomorrow. Most tourists only stay for a week or so. When you live here, the trails are all yours. You never have to get sad about leaving the area — for tomorrow brings a new adventure. So, if you’ve pictured your next house in a hometown setting and want to be close to the Colorado frontier, then Keystone is where you should live.


What’s It Like Living In Keystone, CO?

It’s like living in a giant playground. Everyday contains a new scene, and you get to write what you do with it. The outdoors offer fun activities like skiing and hiking, so you’ll typically see people enjoying the nature trails. Overall, the town is laid-back and likes to have a good time. We aren’t a serious community that wants to get down to business. We’re a town that wants to relax and enjoy life.

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Keystone CO Real Estate

What Homes Are For Sale In Keystone, CO?

Keystone’s real estate market is largely dominated by condos for sale and mountain lodges. Most properties focus on providing warm features to keep you cozy during the winter months, but they also feature “summer” amenities like large porches (where you can get a closer look at the natural surroundings). Overall, you’ll find luxurious amenities to build a sense of home comfort that is unrivaled by nearby towns. Another incentive to Keystone real estate is their proximity to the ski slopes. You don’t need to waste hours trying to get up the mountain. With a Keystone home, you can be there in minutes. For more details about homes for sale in Keystone, click the button below:


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How Is The Real Estate Market In Keystone, CO?

Keystone real estate is a good investment. Prices vary by the home’s location, typically. The closer you are to the ski slopes, the more expensive the property (usually). Overall, you’ll see a return in value and potentially build equity in your home, since Keystone is becoming a popular living destination. If you’re looking for a good deal on a property, feel free to contact us for advice.

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What Are The Best Things To Do In The Winter?

It goes without saying that the best thing to do in Keystone is ski. The slopes are world-class and there’s a place for both beginner and advanced skiers. Locals also love to go snow tubing, ice skating, and go on sleigh rides. In a way, it’s like a winter wonderland. For every weekend of the year, you can try a different slope and never feel bored. And not many cities can say that — which is why Keystone is at the top of peoples’ list to move to.

Keystone CO Things to Do

What Are The Best Things To Do In The Summer?

When the snow melts, Keystone makes for a great spot to go hiking, biking, or for exploring the vast array of mountain trails. The mystery of where you’re exploring makes for a great experience — one you’ll remember forever. Keystone is also a beautiful place to picnic and mountain bike. The scenery provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing afternoon outside, and you’ll definitely have a good share of stories to share with friends and family.

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Stories of People Who Moved To Keystone, CO

Keystone CO Moving HereMegan and Corey S. said:

We didn’t know much about Keystone before we visited, but after seeing how fun it was to live here, we decided to make the move. We bought a second home here, so we could have a fun location for the family to enjoy the holidays. From time to time, we like to vacation here and soak in the hometown feeling for ourselves. Buying a home in Keystone was one of our best decisions and we’d definitely recommend people visiting the area to see if it’s the right fit for them.


Breckenridge CO Moving HereAdam and Mindy. said:

We knew we wanted to be close to the ski slopes when we moved to Keystone. We were tired of all the traveling and decided to buy a house, so we could just live next to the places we wanted to have fun at. When we partnered with the Smits Team we had a ton of questions and our agent answered all of them perfectly. We had never bought a vacation property before, but our agent really put us at ease and helped us with the process.


Moving to Breckenridge COBrock and Ellie W. said:

When we first talked with the Smits Team, we weren’t sure on which town to buy a vacation property in. But after his outlined the pros and cons (based on our situation), we knew exactly where we wanted to be: Keystone. The proximity to the ski slopes and their quality was a major plus for us. There isn’t a day we aren’t headed outdoors, enjoying the scenery, and just relaxing. If you want to lead a laid-back lifestyle, then I’d suggest looking at Keystone for your next home.



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How To Find The Right Home In Keystone, CO

Keystone has dozens of homes for sale, but finding the right property can be challenging at times. To help narrow down your search, you can change the default options (from the main search bar) to whatever fits your needs, such as number of bedrooms, architectural style, and price. If you still need help finding the “dream” home you’ve been looking for, you can contact us for advice.


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