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Park County, CO Real Estate

Park County, CO

Park County, Colorado is the seventeenth largest county in Colorado. A large region of Park County is made up of the beautiful South Park, which gave way to the city’s name. Park County is the geographical center of the state and is located in the heart of the scenic Rocky Mountains. Spanning 2,210.69 square miles of lush forestry, picturesque mountains and scenic lakes, Park County is one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado.

Counties adjacent to Park County, Colorado include Clear Creek County, Jefferson County, Teller County, Freemont County, Chaffee County, Lake County and Summit County. Popular towns within Park County include Fairplay, Alma, Grant, Lake George, and Shawnee.

State parks in Park County include the Eleven Mile State Park and the Spiney Mountain State Park. The Eleven Mile State Park is located near Lake George, Colorado. Established in 1970, this park has five miles of trails for hikers, bikers and explorers and is home to many species of fish and local wildlife. The Spiney Mountain State Park is located in the town of Aurora, Colorado. This park is a vast area of lush forestry and a plethora of hiking trails, making it a popular location for local campers, as well as campers from all over the country.

National parks and forests located within the county include Pike National Forest, Roosevelt National Forest, San Isabel National Forest, Buffalo Peaks Wilderness center and the Lost Creek Wilderness park. Popular trails in the area include the American Discovery Trail, the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Pike National Forest is a massive area of lush forestry, covering seven counties in Colorado.

The Roosevelt National Forest encompasses the foothills of the scenic Rocky Mountains. The San Isabel National Forest contains 19 of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountains and is a great location for hikers. The Buffalo Peaks Wilderness center and park spreads throughout the Pike National Forest and the San Isabel National Forest and contains two of the Rocky’s eroded volcanoes.

Park County is a great location for hikers, bikers, skiers and explorers. Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Park County is known for it’s beautiful scenery and lush forestry. The average population of Park County is around 17,000 people, with the majority of residents in the county being homeowners, as opposed to renters.

Home prices in Park County, Colorado vary greatly depending on what town residents are looking at purchasing real estate. In Lake George for example, home prices range from the low $100,000s to close to a million dollars depending on the proximity to the lake. Homes in Bailey, Colorado average at around $500,000, but can also go much lower. In Park County, Colorado, real estate is all about location, location, location.

The closer the homes are to places like Lake George, the base of the Rocky Mountains and the San Isabel National Forest will set a home buyer back close to a million dollars, if not more. Houses in the center of town, away from the lake and the parks average anywhere between $150,000 and $450,000.

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