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Tenderfoot Keystone, CO

Tenderfoot, CO

Tenderfoot, CO


The Tenderfoot area of Keystone, Colorado is located in Summit County and offers a small, home town feel while offering to many stores and amenities in nearby towns such as Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne and Breckenridge.

The primary business in Keystone is the ski and winter sports and travel industries.

Winter sports enthusiasts should not overlook the Tenderfoot neighborhood of Keystone, Colorado as a premium place to live and raise their families.

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Real Estate

Real estate in Keystone ranges from high dollar homes and condominiums to average price homes for average workers in the area. Home-buyers can find more centrally located properties to the town and ski trails or find their dream home located in the foothills of the mountains which offer privacy and country living.


The Keystone area is services by the Summit School District with school spread across Summit County. The district, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, strives to provide excellence in public education to the members of the diverse resort communities of Summit County.

The District takes great pride in its more than 3,000 students working with staff, parents and community members to provide a wide variety of education programs designed to bolster each individual’s students’ academic, vocational or athletic or other needs.

By involving students, parents and community members, we aim to provide the Keystone area with bright, productive members of our community to build for the future.


The Keystone offers a wide array of activities and facilities to make anyone’s visit to Summit County one to remember. The world renowned Keystone Resort offers premiers accommodations for those wishing to enjoy the winter sports in the area or those attending conferences at the Resort’s quality business and conference centers.

The Keystone Ride and Ski Center will get a novice skier or equestrian on the road to becoming an experienced skier or rider. Alternatively, if you or looking to up your skills, they have instruction for you too!

During the winter months you can take in many festivals in the area including the Lakeside Icestravanganza or one of the many snowmobile tours. Summer months offer many warmer weather festivals as well such as many nearby Arapahoe County events.

The Keystone Bike Park offers biking in the mountains with spectacular views. Numerous hiking trails also offer both novice and experienced hikers day or overnight hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Making your home in the Tenderfoot neighborhood of Keystone, Colorado will open many doors for you and your family in the Rocky Mountains. Your children can attend superior schools geared towards their specific needs while enjoying winter sports and summer activities in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Give Tenderfoot in Keystone, Colorado a visit soon!

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