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The Alders Keystone, CO

The Alders, CO

The Alders, CO

Popular for its large selection of hiking trails and ski trails, Keystone, CO is one of the favorite destinations for snowboarders and skiers. With the seven-month opportunity for adventure on the slopes, anybody who misses snow during the summer season can just visit the popular Keystone Resort. However, this city is not just a center of tourism.

It is also a good place to live in. There are lots of peaceful and beautiful communities around Keystone and one of them is The Alders.

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The Keystone Neighborhood

Keystone is part of Summit County in Colorado. The city has a growing real estate market and economy. As the number of people migrating to the area increases, the home values in the city rise as well. With all the great skiing areas nearby, the closer the homes to the mountains and ski resorts, the higher their value is.

There are lots of good subdivisions and residential areas in Keystone. With its schools, offices, malls, and other main establishments nearby, homeowners do not have to worry about children being late for school as well as other inconveniences. This is the reason why many tourists have already decided to move to this city.

The Alders

One of the premier and newest neighborhoods in Keystone, The Alders subdivision is the perfect area for a growing family to reside in. The community is located on the relaxing Snake River and just a few minutes away from the Keystone Ski Resort. Therefore, after work and school people can just hang out there.

It is not a surprise then that this is a popular option for people who are looking for either a vacant lot or a pre-existing home near the ski trails. Currently, there are 22 lots in the neighborhood, with only 12 vacant spots left. Therefore, homeowners are assured to have a peaceful community.

Moreover, the Keystone Resort is not just the nearest recreation area from the Alders. After a tiring day of boarding or skiing, people can just drop by River Run as they head home. At this location, they can enjoy an evening of drinks, foods, and entertainment. The subdivision is also surrounded by restaurants such as the popular Ski Tip Lodge where people can eat a gourmet dinner.

Aside from the proximity to the main areas in Keystone, people will also love the Alders for the superb architecture of its constructed homes. Each one exudes modern and stylish designs. Furthermore, homeowners have the last say on their house’s architecture because they are customizable.

The Alders provides a state of the art lifestyle for its community. Homeowners do not have to worry about the amenities since the subdivision is complete with everything they need.

They have available utilities such as electricity, gas station, trash pickup, snow removal, phone line, district sewer, district water, and cable. With every need taken care of, this subdivision is just the perfect place to live in Keystone.

For people who love winter and snow adventures, moving into a good and safe neighborhood in Keystone is a good idea. If they want somewhere near the key destinations of the city, then the Alders is the right area for them. Surely they will love this location for the convenience, beauty, and close distance from the heart of Keystone.

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